Darin de Vries

Hey There!

My name is Darin and I'm a Game Developer, Welcome to my portfolio.

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My Projects


These are my projects that thought me alot and which i'm happy about that I made them

Exploding Mesh



After seeing it's possible to blow objects up into meshes I tried to re-create it, which became quite a result with the help of the information how to draw tris in Unity.

League of Legends SlotMachine



A project I worked on was a Slotmachine based on league of legends. that turned out really well after all the research we did for this project.

Incredible Machines


A game that i used to play when I was little, I decided to try and make my own version. Didn't turn out aswell as I thought but it's all done in Unity 2D which was quite new when I used it




PhP Browser Adventure


Little project made in PHP language , which teached me a little about the language itself and how to use it in a sense of a game.





Level Editor


Making a load and save for unity that would save the co-ords of the blocks and load them back in if asked for, it's purpose was for a live level editor.